Hello, gorgeous! I’m Tigz. Brand photographer, graphic designer and one of the most badass girl geeks you’ll ever meet. I live in Hertfordshire, UK and enjoy travelling the world, practising my calligraphy skills and collecting beautiful vintage cameras to adorn the shelves of my studio. My proudest business achievement to date is my book STRIP/TEASE – a culmination of a decade’s work in the burlesque industry – and being celebrated as an award-winning author in the Independent Publishing Awards 2020. As for personal achievements, did you know I once accidentally booked the wrong tour in Japan and suddenly found myself on a 70ft descent into an ice-filled lava cave in the depths of Suicide Forest? It’s an incredibly funny story. Ask nicely and I might just tell you the tale…



Since the inception of my own brand – then affectionately known as Tigz Rice Studios –  in 2009, I have invested over a decade creating editorial brand photography for incredible humans to support their professional adventures. Combining these skills with my formal training in graphic design & illustration, I use my skills to help fearless entrepreneurs and bad-ass brands showcase their business in all their glory, providing a portfolio of stunning on-brand images, design elements and graphics to enable them to show up consistently with fresh, authentic content that perfectly portrays their brand’s unique personality, style and values. In short, I’m here to be your go-to branding superhuman.



I’ve been honoured to work with some of the most talented and innovative humans of our time, bringing editorial styling and glamour to the world of personal branding and commercial/editorial photography. In recent years, I’ve had the privilege of shooting editorial campaigns for clients including Brilliant Brazilian, Emiah Couture, Glamour Bunny, Kiss Me DeadlyThe Pretty Dress Company, and Top Vintage to name but a few. The visual content I create is used to position my client as an expert in their field, attract more fans and followers, drive more sales and create a platform for further business growth. So, whether you’re looking for someone full of passion and creative energy to enhance your vision, or someone to completely project manage a project from start to finish – including sourcing models, stylists and shoot locations –  get in touch right now and let me help you level up your brand.

Hallmarked Design Sarah Monte-Colombo's Personal Branding Shoot with Branding By Tigz © Tigz Rice Ltd 2021. http://www.tigzrice.com

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It would be easy for me to tell you why I think you should invest in me for your brand, but instead, let me show you. Click on the links above to find out more about the services I offer. You can also find a selection of interviews with my clients on the blog.

And, if you’re sat there right now thinking “this is exactly what I need” or “I’m ready to take the next step in my brand journey”, then this is the sign you are looking for. Get in touch right now and book yourself in for the full editorial branding experience with me. Let me showcase your brand in its best, and most beautiful, light.

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Tigz Rice with hair and make up by Miss Victory Violet at Hotel Pigalle, Gothenburg

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