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Jul 6, 2021

Hello, gorgeous! Can you believe we’re officially now in the second part of 2021? I swear time works differently in #LockdownLife – I feel like I’ve completed both a sprint and a marathon in the last 6 months – and I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to talk all about that journey this week with the lovely Hannah Roper of The Female Creative, who interviewed me as a guest on this week’s episode of her podcast!

Hertfordshire Personal Branding Photographer Tigz Rice guests on The Female Creative Podcast

Life has changed so much for so many of us in the last eighteen months, but for those of us running our own businesses it has literally been sink or swim as we negotiated tier after tier of lockdown restrictions, financial uncertainty and – for many of us – exclusion from government support. Pivot may well have been the buzzword of the year last year (after unprecedented, of course!) and that’s exactly what I had to do to keep my business alive, involving the creation of a second business, a subscription offering, virtual shoots AND a print shop. Hello, passive income!

One day, when lockdown is officially far behind us, I plan to write a full and honest blog post about my lockdown experiences, but in the meantime, would you like to spend an exciting half hour finding out all about my business pivot, additional revenue streams and how I diversified to beat the assault course of 2020? I thought you might!

You can find my episode of The Female Creative embedded here, as well as on all major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon. Thank you so much to Hannah for giving me this incredible opportunity!

Enjoyed my contribution to The Female Creative?

Would you like me to feature as a guest on your own podcast? I’d love to hear from you! Drop me an email via the contact page and tell me all the exciting details!


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