Got a burning question about personal branding shoots that you’d love to have answered? I’ve included a list of all of my most frequently asked brand photography-related questions below, from how to book your shoot and what to bring, all the way through to image sharing permissions. Got a question I haven’t covered? Feel free to write me an email with your question and I’ll add it to my Personal Branding FAQs list!

Personal Branding FAQs - Personal trainer Dovile Leo's personal branding shoot with Hertfordshire branding photographer Branding By Tigz
Personal trainer Dovile Leo’s personal branding shoot

So, what exactly is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal branding photography is the art of creating a perfectly curated portfolio of outstanding branding images that tell the story of you and your personal brand. As well as capturing the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of your business and the products and/or services you offer, the beauty of branding photos is that they capture the essence of you – the ‘who’ – the most powerful asset within your brand. 

As humans, we place value on connection with others, which is why our client journey is all about getting to know, like and trust you. By showing up consistently with fresh, authentic, high quality images that perfectly portray your unique personality, style and values, not only will you be nurturing that connection with your clients, but will also allow you to deliver an inspirational (maybe even aspirational?) brand message you want your clients to associate with your brand, or how working with you will make them feel. 

Personal branding photography is so much more than a corporate headshot. It is an opportunity to showcase your energy, your creativity and your passion, elevating your brand and making ‘you’ stand out from the crowd. No two personal branding shoots are ever the same and it’s in my power to create a portfolio of killer creative lifestyle images that are as unique as you are. Just imagine how much easier that would make your next press release or next week’s social media content…

General Personal Branding FAQs

Where are you based? I’m located in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire (a 25-minute direct train from Kings Cross or Finsbury Park) although I love to travel and will shoot pretty much anywhere in the world as long as travel expenses are covered and the necessary licenses/visas/paperwork is arranged!

How do I know if you’re the right branding photographer for me? The best thing I can recommend is to check out my Instagram and delve into my portfolio…

  • Do you see your age/size/ethnicity/shape/gender represented in my images? (if not, please let me know!)
  • Does my style of photography connect with you?
  • How do you feel about my retouching – do you like my natural editorial style, or do you prefer a highly airbrushed finish?
  • Do you resonate with my content and captions?
  • What are my clients saying about their branding shoot experience?

If you responded positively to these points, reach out and connect with me – you could always ask for a 1-2-1 call if you’re still not 100% sure.

Do you have a studio? Most of my clients prefer to book their personal branding photos on location, so with this in mind I do not have a studio. So, instead, I offer my Little Black Book of beautiful location recommendations to help you source the perfect setting for your moment in the spotlight!

I’m differently-abled and/or have an invisible illness, will you still photograph me? Of course! Since 2009 it has been my mission to make all of my personal branding photography packages as inclusive and accessible an experience as possible for my clients, which is also why we offer to travel to you.* I can tailor poses to your comfort and energy levels and can offer suggestions for poses that require fewer spoons. If you have any condition/s that you feel may impact your shoot experience, please mention this when booking so I can do everything I can to support you and make this a positive experience. *Travel costs may apply, please get in touch for more details.

Do you offer TF or collaboration shoots? Honestly, it is rare that I take on TF or collaborative work these days unless you’re offering me guaranteed publication or access to a location that would otherwise be impossible to shoot in. If you think you’ve got something that falls into the EPIC category though, please feel free to ask. Here’s a blog post I wrote all about how to approach me for a collaboration.

Booking You Personal Branding Shoot

Which is your most popular personal branding photography package? The Half Day is my definitely most booked personal branding shoot package as it offers the best value, closely followed by my By The Hour offering. Both offer plenty of variety, which makes them perfect for those who need a content boost for their social media channels.

How far in advance should I book? I always recommend booking your brand shoot 2 months in advance to make sure you get the date you would like. Generally speaking, my diary tends to book out about 6 weeks in advance, although depending on the time of year, last-minute personal branding sessions may be available, so it is definitely worth a last-minute ask!

How do I book my personal branding shoot? You can pop me an email with your chosen personal branding shoot package and and preferred shoot dates via my contact page here!

Can I pay by credit card? Absolutely! You can pay securely via credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

Personal Branding FAQs - Ethical Lingerie Brand Miss Vivienne Lingerie's Personal Branding Shoot with Hertfordshire branding photographer Branding By Tigz
Ethical Lingerie Brand Miss Vivienne Lingerie’s Personal Branding Shoot

Preparing For Your Branding Shoot

I’m super nervous!! Is that normal?! That’s COMPLETELY normal – that’s what I’m here for! You know that incredible feeling you get when you’re all dressed up with your hair and make up done ready for a night out? Well, add in me, your new business bestie, telling you how incredible and fabulous you are and your self-confidence will skyrocket. 

I don’t know how to pose… should I practice before my shoot?” This is my most frequently asked question. A little body awareness always helps, but is 100% non-essential for you to spend time perfecting your badass boss poses before a shoot. We’ll use a selection of my favourite poses as inspiration, though I’m always secretly working with your natural body movements and nuances in between poses to make the shoot unique to you. There’s something so powerful in body language that when you do something naturally that looks incredible, I’ll say ‘freeze!’ and we’ll shoot it. It will be the most fun mannequin challenge you’ve ever experienced! After all, shoots are all about having fun; we’ll put on some of your favourite music, have a little boogie – this is about empowering you to feel confident and unapologetically present in front of the camera. It’s really is going to be an experience to remember forever!

Should I get a spray tan? Please do NOT get a spray tan! Whilst it may be tempting to add a little faux sun-kissed glow to your skin before your personal branding shoot, more often than not it will appear streaky, patchy or orange/green (yes, green) on camera. Since fixing fake tan is not something I retouch – and you’ll also need to sign a form that says you are personally responsible for covering the cleaning costs of any fittings and fixtures stained with fake tan during your session – I personally recommend ditching the fake tan – and sunbeds too whilst we’re on the subject (tan lines) – and rocking bare skin, or maybe treating yourself some shimmer body lotion for a dewy glow and a touch of contouring.

On The Day

Who will be my photographer? Me, Tigz Rice! Whenever you book a shoot through Branding By Tigz, know that you will always get me. I will never send a replacement (unless, of course, your shoot is date specific and it’s written into our contract).

Should I get my hair and make-up done? In my opinion, there’s nothing better than a full pamper session, which is why I offer a list of recommended professional hair and makeup stylists to all of my clients. My recommended stylists all use cruelty free (and vegan where possible) styling kits and can work to your skin’s individual care needs, as well as discussing any allergies you may have. That said, some clients prefer to visit their own tried and trusted stylists beforehand, or you might feel confident doing your own. Whichever of these options is right for you, please make sure to treat yourself to a good pamper session before your moment in the spotlight. You deserve to feel amazing.

What should I bring to my personal branding session? As a good starting point, I recommend two or three full outfit options, squeezing in a quick change so you can get the most out of your images. Also, please feel free to bring any props that reflect your brand, which may include and products you sell, as well as a laptop, fancy notebook and pen; as well as anything that represents you as an awesome human that might look great in a photo! Also, a few tissues and a pot of translucent powder are always handy, just in case you get a little shiny!

How many photos do you take? All of my personal branding packages include a set number of edited high resolution images – you can find my current personal branding photography packages here – but generally speaking, I always shoot extra so that there’s plenty of variety.

Cancelling Your Personal Branding Shoot

What happens if I need to cancel/reschedule my personal branding session? If, for any reason, you decide to cancel with at least 29 days notice, your booking fee shall be forfeited. If for any reason you decide to cancel within 28 days of the shoot date, 50% of the total fee will be due as compensation for loss of earnings. If for any reason you decide to cancel the booking within 14 days of the shoot date, 100% of the total fee will be due as compensation for loss of earnings. If you need to re-schedule for any reason, these cancellation conditions will apply.

Personal Branding FAQs - House Of Burlesque Branding Photoshoot with Hertfordshire branding photographer Branding By Tigz
House Of Burlesque Branding Photoshoot by Hertfordshire Brand Photographer Branding By Tigz

Your Personal Brand Shoot Images

Do I get to choose my own images? This is not included as standard in my personal branding photoshoot contract. At the end of your session, I will choose my favourite images from your session, lightly edit them to match my signature style and send you a link to an online gallery to share to your heart’s content! If you would prefer to choose your own images, this can be provided as an add-on service with a fee. Please enquire about my current rates.

When will I get my personal branding images? Your contract will state a maximum of 4 weeks from the shoot date, but I always try to deliver much earlier. Add-on purchases – including, but not limited to, extra retouching or images – shall be processed and delivered within 4 weeks of receiving payment.

I need my images, like, yesterday! If you’re on a super short deadline, I can also offer an expedited turnaround on images for an additional fee. Please enquire about my current rates.

What happens if I want more images? If you love your final images and want to upgrade your personal branding package to include more images, you are absolutely welcome to! Information on upgrades and extra images will be emailed to you at the same time as the link to your image gallery.

How much retouching will you do? One of the main reasons people come to me for luxury personal branding photography is my signature style of editorial photography. Drawing on my many years of expertise as a photographer, I want you to look and feel like you on your very best day; because let’s be honest, no one else does a better job of being you than you! No over-edited skin or photoshop surgery goes on over here, we’ll focus on getting it right in camera, with comfortable clothing that suits your figure and perfect posing to accentuate your best bits, combined with flawless lighting skills and lots of attention to detail. I’ll crop, straighten and adjust the exposure and colour balance of your images in Lightroom as necessary, including removing any small, non-permanent blemishes or marks. When you look at the final images, you’ll feel amazing knowing that’s really YOU in that photo. 

Can I pay for extra retouching? Yes! If you feel you’d like a handful of your personal branding images to experience a little extra Photoshop magic, then this can be arranged for a fee. Please enquire about my current retouching rates.

Is there anything you won’t retouch? Yes. My non-exhaustive list includes; fake tan and tan lines, holes in fishnet tights, ill-fitting clothing and/or creases, grown out nail extensions, hair roots, body hair, the soles of shoes, excessive bruising, tattoo removal and extensive body re-shaping.

Using Your Personal Branding Images

Who will see my photos? Will they be on social media? Rest assured, you are in complete control of your images. With personal branding photography being, by nature, an intimate experience, I will not sell, license, or otherwise distribute your images or personal information to any third party without your express written permission.

Can I put my final images on my website? Yes of course! Please include a credit line for Tigz Rice or where possible.

Can I put my images on my social media? Yes of course! Please do not put any filters over the images and make sure to include a credit line for the first usage on each platform – you can find me on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

Can I use the images for newspaper and magazine articles? Yes! Please ask the publication to include a credit line for Tigz Rice wherever possible

Can I use the images for Events and Posters? Yes, please make sure all media usage by the event includes a credit line for Tigz Rice where possible.

Can I use the images for my Patreon/Only Fans? Yes of course! Please include a credit line linking to

Can I use my personal branding images in my upcoming book or e-book? This is not included as standard in any contracts, but I’m always open to licensing images for published books and e-books. Please contact me with details of your publication (including a number of editions, size of the print run, and the proposed size and placement of the image) and I will get back to you with a fee.

Can I sell the images? No. Copyright remains with Tigz Rice. Please do not sell prints, create calendars or sell usage rights to any third parties.

Other Personal Branding Faqs

Can I be your assistant? Every so often I do need an assistant for a larger shoot. If you would like to register your interest, please pop me an email via the contact page with a covering letter and a CV with references.

Do you offer work experience? No. However, I do offer one to one training and mentorship if you are looking to get a jump start in the world of branding photography. Pop me an email via the contact page with more details and I can send you my training and mentor packages.

Can you think of anything else I need to add to my personal branding FAQs?

Send me a message with your question and I’ll add it to my FAQs list. I can’t wait to hear from you!



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