Covid-19: Staying Safe After ‘Freedom Day’

Jul 19, 2021 | Boudoir, Personal Growth

Hello, gorgeous! Can you believe it? So-called ‘Freedom Day’ is finally here! As restrictions are lifted and life returns to somewhat normal, it is still vitally important to me that I’m doing everything I can to keep both of us safe from Covid-19, so here’s how things are going to go down for all bookings until further notice…

Covid-19 : Staying Safe After 'Freedom Day' - Liv Freemen's Poses in Emiah Couture in the boudoir
Liv Free for Emiah Couture – 2019.

Sharing is Caring

Let’s start with the most important one: disclosing your symptoms. If you or someone in your household…

  • Has a new, persistent cough;
  • Has a high temperature
  • Is presenting with flu-like symptoms
  • Loses/has changes to their sense of taste or smell
  • Has been pinged and told to isolate,
  • Has tested positive for Covid-19 within the last two weeks

…please email me and let me know before you turn up to your shoot. As frustrating as it may be to put plans on hold for what could be nothing more than a bluetooth malfunction, my chosen human, who I live with, is immunocompromised and I cannot take unnecessary risks. Similarly, I will honour you by disclosing my own symptoms to protect you and your loved ones. Any client affected by this will be offered a re-schedule within 90 days of the original shoot date, so you will not miss out on your booking.

I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours (Your Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test, That Is)

To keep all of you extra safe, I am doing regular lateral flow tests to keep tabs on my own Covid-19 status and make sure I’m not passing anything on myself. Lateral Flow Tests are not compulsory for clients, but if you want to reciprocate and both do a test the morning before our shoot and share results, I’d absolutely love that! If you don’t already have tests at home, you can order some here, or I believe you can also pick some up from your local pharmacy.

Mask Up, Gorgeous!

On your way? Although masks are no longer a legal requirement in the UK, I will still be asking you and every other member of the creative team to wear a mask during our time together, only removing it during make-up and when posing in front of my camera. Mine is there to protect you so you can continue to live life to the fullest – and yours is there to protect me so I can stay healthy and continue bringing boudoir joy to my other clients. Even if you’re totally over it, wearing a mask for someone else is a beautiful sign of respect and I’ll love you forever if you humour me for a few hours whilst I make you feel like a superhuman!

Antibacterial Hand Gel is the new Chanel No 5

What’s that scent, darling? Oh, it’s my fruity antibacterial hand gel! Please make sure to sanitise/wash your hands on arrival and I always have a bottle on me if you need a top-up. I will also make sure to keep everything sanitised that is within my power.

Socially Distanced Hugs

Anyone else really missing hugs? For now, I’m still keeping my distance and so stocking adjustments and our usual hugs are off the cards, but I’ll give you all the verbal directions you need to pose to perfection… and I’m 100% game for a socially distanced dance-off after the shoot if you are! 

Going Solo

Whilst I usually allow chaperones on shoots, I have temporarily removed this offering – one less person means one less risk factor for all of us! However, if you find yourself struggling with pre-shoot anxiety, please drop me an email and we can arrange a call and we can discuss ways to make you feel more comfortable on shoot day.

Get Vaccinated against Covid-19

And last but not least, I will be fully vaccinated as of the end of this week, so you can rest assured knowing I have done everything in my power to protect you! I know not everyone has the ability to be vaccinated, but if you can, I would love for you to consider doing the same.

Have another Covid-19 related question?

Let me know your questions and concerns via the Contact Page and I’ll do my best to answer everything for you. I can’t wait to see you in front of my camera!


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