Ms Moo Make Up Launches New Vegan Eyeshadow Palette

Nov 17, 2021

Hello, gorgeous! If, like me, you’re into cruelty-free, vegan beauty, then do I have a treat for you today, because my wonderful #QueenOfSocials – also known as award-winning Nottingham makeup artist Ms Moo Make Up – has just released her very first eyeshadow palette, Bridal Eyes!

Ms Moo Makeup Bridal Eyes Eyeshadow Palette photographed by Branding By Tigz © Tigz Rice Ltd 2021.

From the words of Ms Moo herself: “Bridal Eyes is a vegan and cruelty-free eyeshadow palette designed with ALL skin tones in mind. This square, synthetic leather lined palette has nine highly pigmented colours in a range of matte, shimmer, and metallic eyeshadows in some of the most popular shades used by Ms Moo Make Up. There’s a mirror in the lid of the palette, with the Ms Moo logo in silver holographic foil.”

I’m so chuffed for Moo that this is officially out there in the world – and since she was the very first person to buy one of my award-winning books back in 2019, I wanted to make sure I repaid the favour by being first in line for this super sleek new product of hers. And, of course, what kind of work wifey would I be if I didn’t offer to take a few editorial product shots for her?

Ms Moo Makeup Bridal Eyes Eyeshadow Palette photographed by Branding By Tigz © Tigz Rice Ltd 2021.

I am a super tactile person by nature, so it took everything I had not to swatch the eyeshadows soon as this palette arrived on my doorstep! Thankfully, I’d already seen Ms Moo demonstrate this for me when I saw her a week before, so I knew how pigmented these eyeshadows would be in advance! And let me tell you, this palette does not disappoint. The quality of these eyeshadows are so impressive, they glide on super smoothly with minimal fallout. As for the colours, I’m pretty sure I would buy all of them. The only one that is a little out of my comfort zone is the middle pink which is slightly brighter than I would usually choose myself… but I’m definitely willing to give it a try!

Ms Moo Makeup Bridal Eyes Eyeshadow Palette photographed by Branding By Tigz © Tigz Rice Ltd 2021.

Love the look of Ms Moo’s Bridal Eyes palette?

Support a small business and purchase your own right now by heading over to Ms Moo Make Up’s website.


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