Guest Blog: Karaccounts on Levelling Up Your Brand Identity

Mar 31, 2021

Let’s be completely honest, very few of us really ever want to talk about taxes. In fact, there’s an entire #ImAnAccountant meme on social media where humans tell others they are an accountant to deter them from asking further information about their jobs! However, if you run your own brand or business, money talk is something you just can’t escape, and Karaccounts (aka Kara Curtayne) is one of those phenomenal humans that finds joy in demystifying business accounting and make taxes less intimidating for a new generation of self-sufficient entrepreneurs and business owners.

I’m not sure exactly how Karaccounts and I connected on Instagram, but I can tell you exactly what drew me into her content – and that’s her strong, consistent brand identity, her artfully curated feed posts, regular interactive content and manageable bitesize chunks of incredibly useful information. Specifically, her incredible content for influencers in terms of taxes on gifted items and sales of digital products and services to customers in the EU after Brexit.

Today on the blog, Karaccounts is here to talk a little about how levelling up her branding has had a positive effect on her business, both by helping her focus on targeting her ideal client as well as increasing her turnover. Plus you can find an extra special offer from Karaccounts at the bottom of this blog post!


If I’d have known how much levelling up my branding would have levelled up my business; I’d have invested more years ago.

My business transformation hasn’t just been monetary either…  I’ve grown into my branding; and there is not a single KPI out there that can put a value on that.

I suddenly found myself inspired to create content targeted directly at my ideal client and was confident in showing up for my brand knowing that my business aesthetic and voice was relatable and authentic to those who I wanted to work with 

As a cloud-based and modern accountancy practice trying to break down the barriers to accessing accounting and target creative womxn who operate their business in the digital atmosphere with little to no understanding of accountancy and want a completely streamlined process, my entire marketing strategy for Instagram has revolved around my brand identity and visual content. It’s worked. My ideal clients approach ME on Instagram telling me that my feed is EXACTLY what they’re looking for; they’re not sure what they’re looking for specifically, but they can tell from my aesthetic that I’m going to provide it. I have followers, who I’ve never engaged with directly advocating for me, and I even have clients approach me about signing up, wanting to skip the discovery call altogether. 

Having consistent branding that reflects the personality and ethos of my accountancy practice has been pivotal in doubling my turnover in just over 6 months. With more plans to invest in professional headshots in the near future, I anticipate it tripling.  

Whether you’re considering investing in luxury product placement, editorial brand photoshoot, or want to be more visible through a personal branding photoshoot , it’s interesting to monitor the impact it can have on your sales. As a percentage of your total sales, how much are you currently spending on your branding? If doubling your investment in your branding could double your turnover, how much more profit per year could you make? Now imagine if you tripled it…

Inspired by Karaccounts’ story?

Let’s work together to level up your brand identity, tell the world your story and showcase your brand in the best – and most beautiful – light. Head over to the contact page now to register your interest in a personal branding photoshoot with me.

Additionally, if you’d like to find out how Karaccounts can help you crunch those numbers, or completely take the hassle out of your hustle and free you up to get that brand shoot booked in; then you can find Kara on Instagram or head directly to for more information.

Karaccounts is currently offering Branding By Tigz Readers a 10% discount on all accounting packages for 6 months. Just quote BRANDINGBYTIGZ when you get in touch.


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