Hello Gorgeous! Want to hear something exciting? I’ve been listed as one of 40 Digital Women To Watch In 2021!

40 Digital Women To Watch In 2021 - Founder of Branding By Tigz, Tigz Rice, is shortlisted for the prestigious title of Digital Woman Of The Year 2021

Digital Women was founded as a Facebook community in March 2019 with one key mission: to empower as many women through digital skill sharing as possible. Since then, the community has grown beyond its social roots to include a digital member’s club, as well as supporting and celebrating women working in and around digital and digital-based businesses who are doing incredible work in their respective industries through the Digital Women Awards and the 40 Digital Women To Watch list.

I’m so excited to announce that, not only have I been shortlisted for the Digital Creator Of The Year category, but I’ve also been named in the 40 Digital Women To Watch list, which automatically puts me forward for a potential candidate for Digital Woman Of The Year!

I’m also excited to announce that my incredible #QueenOfSocials Sali is also shortlisted for a Digital Women Award in the Digital Freelancer Of The Year category, so it was gin celebrations all round last night!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be included within this list, surrounded by so many badass superwomen and receiving recognition for my work in the digital industries. An achievement like this would mean the world to me in any given year, but to be recognised at this level during a period of immense change, when we’ve all had to level up our technology skills substantially to remain visible and relevant during lockdown… well… that means the absolute world.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress through the awards – the ceremony has yet to be announced – but I welcome any and all positivity put out into the universe for me in the meantime! I’m off to update my bio, jump up and down excitedly and call my mum!

Want to see who else made the 40 Digital Women To Watch 2021 list?

You can download the full list in a handy downloadable eBook full of quick-follow links right here – go give them all a follow and congratulated them on their achievements!



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